Energy Hacks at Work As a Certified Bulletproof Coach, I work with a lot of clients who are drained from overworking & feel like their life is out of whack. I’ve noticed 3 major factors that lead to energy depletion in the workplace: Lack of breaks Multi-tasking Energy-zapping co-workers (AKA toxic people) I discuss energy

Bulletproof Coffee: What is it? You’ve probably heard of putting butter in your coffee by now. But if you haven’t let me break it down. Bulletproof Coffee consists of blending (not stirring!) 3 ingredients: Bulletproof Coffee Beans, Grass-fed butter or ghee (1/2 TBSP-1 TBSP), and Brain Octane Oil (1 TSP-1 TBSP).   Why are Bulletproof

My Clear Skin Quest Clear skin has been a struggle for me in the past & I’ve been lucky enough to find an amazing naturopath who has helped me improve it without antibiotics, which I used to take when I was a kid without realizing there’d be consequences in addition to the benefits. I wanted

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Vibe Plate- The Ultimate Fitness Biohack Lately, I’ve been using the vibe plate to enhance my workouts. Whole Body Vibration Training (WBVT) allows you to recruit more muscle fibers in a shorter period of time. You have a choice: exercise for 30-60 minutes or do a few simple exercises on the vibe plate for 15 minutes to get

Head Strong: How to Improve Mitochondrial Function Head Strong author & founder of Bulletproof, Dave Asprey, wants to live to be 180 years old. In his latest book, he stresses the importance of taking care of your mitochondria for a long and healthy life. Mitochondria are “the power plants within your cells that are ground zero

Lady Gaga ROCKED the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show. But for some reason, viewers decided to rant about her midriff. It’s concerning that tweeters called Gaga’s abdomen “distracting” or “unflattering.” Our bodies make different shapes when we move. Skin folds are quite common, especially when you are wearing a tight band across your hips to

Limit Sugar Intake With These 7 Tips

Limit Sugar Intake?! Do I have to? I look at sugar as a recreational drug… It’s fun (in the moment) & tastes delicious, but is it worth it? According to the USDA, the average American eats between 150-170 pounds of sugar per year. Added sugar alone contributes to roughly 500 calories per day per person. That’s

4 Different Kinds of Meditation

4 Different Kinds of Meditation It’s no secret that meditation is a great stress reduction strategy. It also has the power to change your brain! A UCLA study showed that meditation slows down the brain’s aging process by increasing grey matter, associated with information processing, intelligence, and intellect. The key to becoming a consistent meditator is choosing a

B Vitamins: The Ultimate Guide

B Vitamins: The Ultimate Guide Vitamins are one of those things that you tend to either religiously include as part of your healthy lifestyle, or skip altogether, and let’s face it supplementation can be confusing! With so many different options out there it’s hard to determine which vitamins we really need to supplement with, and

Natural Beauty Hacks The United States has very low standards when it comes to controlling what ingredients are allowed to be used in our beauty products. Dangerous chemicals & preservatives can be found in our makeup, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, hair care products, and more. This article isn’t meant to scare you from using your beauty

Stress Reduction Strategies: The 3 Causes of Stress Stress reduction strategies are important in today’s busy world. In 2016, I did 8 weeks of mindfulness training. It was a life-changing part of the Bulletproof Coach Training Certification, giving me the tools to be a calmer person (much needed for a type A gal like me). Stress

Nutrition mistakes are part of the journey… Nutrition is a tricky topic! With a food and diet industry that thrives on confusion and conflicting nutritional studies, it’s no wonder why we are puzzled about what foods and products are actually “good” for us. On my journey, I have mistakenly bought many products I thought were healthy,

New Year Fitness Challenge: Change your mindset Happy New Year! Starting a new year regime can be a daunting task. Many of us expect perfection, but success is not a clear, linear process. If we tell ourselves that it will be a smooth journey, we become discouraged & give up entirely by the end of

Keto Diet Review: Does it Work?

Keto Diet Review As a Certified Bulletproof Coach, I get a lot of people asking for a Keto Diet review… What is it? Does it help with weight loss? What are the benefits? Is it sustainable? We will explore all of these questions. Ketogenic Diet (AKA Keto Diet) Defined Ketogenic Diet: A high fat, low

Bulletproof Exec Coach Certification… Complete! Hi All! In September of 2016, I completed the Bulletproof Exec Coach Program. It included 150+ hours of training!  I’ve been learning how to maximize performance by identifying and addressing the “kryptonite” that holds us back from our full potential. By upgrading our environment, health, psychological beliefs, and spirituality, we can drastically improve

Bulletproof Coach… What is that? Many people are unfamiliar with the term “Bulletproof Coach.” I understand! The certification program is somewhat new (started in 2014). In this blog, I’ll explain what it is. Let’s start with defining “Bulletproof.” Bulletproof is a company launched by Dave Asprey, an entrepreneur who has spent over $300,000 hacking his own

3 Hacks for Increasing Progesterone

Increasing Progesterone… Increasing progesterone levels (if you are deficient) takes time & can be trickier than addressing other hormone deficiencies. Medical Doctor & OBGYN Sara Gottfried explains that some people may have a form of progesterone resistance, causing them to be unresponsive to adding the hormone to their regime through pills or cream. I got my hormones

Hormone Tests: Why would I want to measure my hormones? Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate your mood, metabolism, fertility, & more. It’s a good idea to look into the different hormone tests available if you… Can’t lose weight or body fat, even when you exercise or change your diet Feel tired all the time,

3 Bulletproof Ways to Hack your Energy

Bulletproof Coaching has taught me the importance of managing your energy skillfully to prevent burnout. Here are 5 ways to hack your energy and feel like a superhuman! Hack #1: Try targeted supplementation. Test out the following supplements & see which ones make the biggest impact for you. Always talk to your doctor before starting

10 Great Gifts for Health Nuts

Hope your holiday season is off to a great start! Shopping for health nuts can be tricky… Here is a gift guide for 2016. 1. Hard Corps Performance Pack This is for bad asses, CrossFitters, and bootcamp lovers. It is an 8-week challenging workout program with P90X trainer Tony Horton. Watch this intense video to

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own."
- Bruce Lee

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