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“Don’t Need Your Approval” 1 Year Anniversary

Throwback Thursday to the “Don’t Need Your Approval” video which launched 1 year ago today!


Hailey Rowe Featured on Chicago Music

Hailey Rowe

Very excited to share that today I am the featured artist on ChicagoMusic.com.  Check it out here!

Detox Do’s and Don’ts

Hailey RoweHappy New Year! Every January, my clients and I are often in search of a detox or quick fix to feel less sluggish after all of the holiday treats! If you want to feel healthier and more energized, here are a few of my detox do’s and don’ts:


  1. Know yourself. When selecting a detox/diet/exercise program, it’s CRUCIAL that you take into account your likes/dislikes, lifestyle, level of commitment, and start/end date.

The following are detoxes that I recommend because they are what I feel to be the most doable, safe, effective, and nutrient-dense. Not to mention, they do not lead to post-detox overeating or weight gain.

The 21 Day Ultimate Reset may be for you if…


-       You love eating and feeling full.

-       You don’t sleep well and lack energy throughout the day.

-       You have digestive issues.

-       You want to form life-long healthy eating habits.

-       You want to learn how to make healthy food taste great.

-       You like a clear guide of exactly what to do and when to do it.

-       You are ready to invest in your health and the high-quality supplements that are included with the program.

            The 3 Day Refresh may be for you if…

-       You want a detox that’s very manageable.

-       You want a detox that you could do once a month (Losing 3-4 lbs. once a month could add up to 48 lbs. per year!).

-       You have a busy schedule and want something quick that you could do over a long weekend.

-       You want to reset your metabolism into fat burning mode.

-       You have a tight budget.

-       You enjoy eating real food.

            The Whole 30 Plan (a great book) may be for you if…

-       You want to educate yourself on how to eat right for life.

-       You want to know what foods you’re sensitive to.

-       You’re willing to eliminate dairy, sugar, and other junk foods from your diet for a month.

-       You want to be able to dine out during your detox.

-       You want to make healthy eating a lifestyle after the detox is over.

  1. Prepare for social challenges. There will never be a time when you don’t have social gatherings centered on food. Therefore, if you’re going to start eating incredibly healthy on a detox, you have to be ready to say no to decadent desserts, have a way to explain your detox in a way that’s polite, and not make others feel judged. In addition, your friends may give you a hard time… Just remember that it will pass and YOU know what’s best for your body!
  2. Hydrate! Without proper hydration on a detox, toxins cannot be eliminated. Drink half your weight in ounces of filtered water daily to ensure a safe and effective cleanse (For example, if you weigh 140 lbs., drink at least 70 ounces of water daily.).
  3. Detox more than just your body. Use a detox to de-stress and become more spiritually and emotionally centered. Commit to quality sleep, take Epsom salt baths, and write in a journal, do a social media detox, try a yoga class, or meditate. Do more activities that make you feel happy and peaceful!



  1. Don’t do a juice cleanse or liquid fast. I’m all about green vegetable juice, but only in addition to a healthy and balanced diet. Juice cleanses are low in fiber and protein (two things necessary for detoxification) and high in sugar (fructose), which is not your friend on a detox. Not to mention, it’s incredibly difficult to commit to a juice fast because you are literally starving! Juice cleanses usually provide about 800 calories a day. You’re bound to fail if you’ve never fasted before.
  2. Don’t overdo it. Detoxing is not supposed to add more stress into your life. If you are miserable or realize it’s not the right time, take a break. Just do your best to eat clean and don’t sweat it. Don’t make yourself implement a lot of lifestyle changes all at once.
  3. Don’t do a detox for the wrong reasons. If the ONLY reason you’re doing a detox is because you want to lose weight quickly, you will NOT have the level of motivation required to get through it. You must determine your whys, which could be any of the following: improving your overall health, increasing your lifespan, rebalancing your hormones, changing your insulin sensitivity, decreasing mood swings, lowering your body fat percentage to a healthy range, learning more about nutrition, and making healthy eating a habit.
  4. Don’t do it to be trendy. Even at the thought of being restricted, some of my clients experience intense cravings, obsessive thoughts about food, or become more prone to binging. Striving to eat clean, non-processed food is fantastic, but you don’t need to do a cleanse to be healthy. If moderation is more your style, I recommend The 21 Day Fix because nothing is off limits and it will make you an expert on eyeballing correct portion sizes.

Please talk to your doctor if you’re considering a new diet/exercise program and don’t hesitate to ask me any health/fitness questions! As your coach, I’m always happy to work individually with you. Thank you again! Wishing you a healthy and happy 2015!




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