Hi! I'm Hailey!

Habits Specialist, Singer, & Multi-Passionate Optimist dedicated to helping you prioritize and personalize self-care.

One choice at a time.

I'm a showgirl at heart..

but it’s what I do behind the scenes that allows me to bring my best on stage. At a young age, I learned that there is a direct connection between how well you take care of yourself and how well you perform in life. By changing my habits around food and fitness, developing a growth mindset, and using cutting-edge high performance resources, I started to feel like a superhuman. I have a sense of urgency to share the best of what I’m living and learning so you can experience this feeling, too! You deserve it!

On my journey to creating a fulfilling life, I’ve become a Certified Behavioral Change & Nutrition Specialist, Bulletproof/Human Upgrade Professional, and Personal Trainer. I’m devoted to helping you find a personalized approach to health that makes your heart sing!

About Hailey Rowe
About Hailey Rowe
How did I get started in all of this?

Growing up, I was an impressionable singer and actress searching for ways to gain approval. I compromised my health by stressing over perfectionism. I compromised my creativity because my music was centered around trying to impress others in the industry. Instead of trusting myself, I blindly implemented advice from random fitness models, magazines, and casting directors. Thankfully, my self-awareness prevailed before I was in too deep. Getting help, surrounding myself with positive role models, and applying lessons from podcasts and books enabled me to slowly let go of the person I thought I should be.

There were 3 steps that enabled me to rebuild trust and confidence within myself…

  1. Make your own decisions.
  2. Take excellent care of yourself.
  3. Customize and live by your values.

I’ve built my coaching programs and content around these themes.

What’s in it for you?

Through my free content and paid programs, I want to partner with you in reaching new levels of euphoria, health, and vitality. Whether you’re trying to ditch energy-sucking habits, gain clarity on what health plan is right for you, or improve the way you show up in the world, I’ve got your back!